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About Us

We Want The Best

When you want the best, you go to the pros.  Jersey Pros is your source for custom jerseys of any kind, plain and simple.  Whether it's for your sports team or the home team, a one time event or this weekend's party, Jersey Pros has your back.  Get one for yourself or use our accurate size charts to help the whole crew suit up.  We not only specialize in custom jerseys and apparel, but we have an excellent wholesale relationship with several other companies and love networking and building quality partnerships.

We Get It

With 10 years experience in online apparel brands, we're able to provide the most unique designs at the very best prices.  Our relationship with the manufacturer allows us to control nearly every aspect of production.  With a qualified team receiving and shipping our orders, we are sure to also provide the best service on top of superior products.  If we don't have what you want, design your own with our custom jersey template!  

Who We Are

Just three friends from the same home town who have enjoyed success as individuals and have finally decided to come together to fill the void in this unique niche.  We recognized the demand for something better and are more than capable of bringing you the very best in custom jerseys of all styles.


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